United Faculty of Florida Bargaining Update March 28, 2014

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Dear Colleagues,
Your United Faculty of Florida- FSCJ Bargaining Team met with the Administration’s team today. We worked on several issues of importance to all Faculty.
We reached Tentative Agreement on Article 4 (Faculty Rights).  There were small changes to the current language, the main one being a clearer faculty notification policy when derogatory documents are placed in a personnel file.
While we did not officially come to an agreement on the entire Faculty Evaluation article (Article 11), we did agree on some positive changes to it. We also discussed proposed changes to Articles 9 (Discipline) and 10 (Grievance and Arbitration).
Compensation issues will likely not be definitively decided until the Legislature finalizes the Education budget.

Please be sure to thank the hard-working colleagues who volunteer their time to work for the compensation, rights, and working conditions for ALL FSCJ Faculty.

Karen Morian
President, United Faculty of Florida-FSCJ