September Bargaining update

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The Bargaining session last Friday was well attended by faculty.

The support for our work continues to grow (a lot of new members have joined!) and signals our determination to the administration. A special thanks to those who stayed late with us.

Firstly, we made it clear that salary is the faculty's priority (witness the high number of folks teaching overload and summer courses for extra money) by leaving our salary proposal quite high ($3300 and 3%) for each of the next two years. We also reduced or removed some items from our original proposal in making our second.

Their proposal included a continuation of the ability to offer new hires up to 20% above the starting salary.  They also wanted to raise that starting salary by $1000 per year.  We believe that this is further evidence that FSCJ salaries are severely low and not competitive.  The offered raise of 2.5% would only average $300 over that of a new hire. This is NOT recognizing, respecting, and rewarding current faculty who have years of proven service to the college.

While the administration did incorporate a few of our minor changes into their counter-proposal this time, they pointedly ignored our non-discrimination article. They also insisted on an arbitration waiver (which weakens the enforcement of the contract) and an all-or-nothing acceptance of their offer.  

As you know, we declined to accept this offer. It seemed to highlight the lack of understanding on the part of the administration and the Board that we are tired of being near the bottom of the state college average while the administration enjoys large raises and salaries in the top 25% for the state.

We meet again on Oct. 6 at 1:30 in the ATC Downtown. Please join us.