Contact Your Senator Now on Bills Moving to a Vote Soon

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The most serious threats faculty members face now (March 31-April 3) are to the benefits that are part of their compensation package.  House Speaker Weatherford has made it clear that his top priority this session is to cut retirement and health insurance benefits for public employees. We have a chance of stopping this action in the Senate if faculty call (from a private phone) the Florida Senator from their district and leave a 30-second polite message with the receptionist. (It helps to mention that you live in the district.) See link below for phone number of your Senator.        

Threats to the Florida Retirement System

SB 1114, the so-called “FRS Reform” bill, or any other scheme preventing new faculty or public employees from entering the same system others have now, threatens our retirement security. Preventing the continual replenishment of the fund undermines the stability of the entire retirement system and makes it more difficult to retain faculty in Florida. FRS is one of the top three public employee retirement funds in the country and is very soundly funded.  Any threat to its viability denies Florida a major benefit that helps to retain talent in public employment.

Ask your Senator to:
Vote against SB 1114 and protect our retirement plan. Mention that it is hard to retain faculty at Florida’s low salaries if legislators eliminate important benefits too.

Threats to Health Insurance Benefits

In the Florida House a bill (PCB SAC 14-01) was just introduced by Rep. Brodeur to put caps on the health insurance plans for public employees. This will potentially cost faculty employees and their families thousands of dollars per year out of each employee’s salary in order to make health insurance payments.  A Senate bill will be introduced soon to make the same reduction in benefits and has a chance of passing unless Senators hear from constituents.

Ask your Senator to:
Vote against any scheme like HB PCB SAC 14-01 that places new limits on health insurance benefits for public employees. Mention that it is hard to retain faculty when benefits are cut.

To find the phone number of your Senator click the link and enter your zip code here: