August Bargaining update

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The Bargaining Team from United Faculty of Florida-FSCJ met with the Administration/Board representatives on Wednesday afternoon until about 5:30. There were roughly 20-25 faculty members present. We presented our Compensation and Workload proposals first. Having heard Dr. Bioteau make repeated public statements that she would like to help us get our salaries up to the state average, we took her at her word. We proposed salary increases of $3306 and 3% for this year and $3305 and 3% for next year. This would help close our $6611 deficit below the Florida State College System average, and reflects the 3% cost-of-living increase used by the Florida Retirement System.
We also included some additional opportunities for faculty to earn more. We put in writing the administration’s stated policy of full-time faculty having the right to classes in order to make load or overload, rather than having an adjunct teach that class, and the faculty member suffering a deficit in workload.  We asked that new hires be limited to 10% above the starting salary to prevent salary compression (newer faculty making more than faculty with long service to the college).
We asked for faculty to have the same opportunity for 1% step increases currently enjoyed by Administrators for completing Professional Development courses (APM 03-0911). We even included the new Presidential Fellowship as a highly paid, one-year possibility (We are aware some of you are opposed to this, but we felt that any opportunity for faculty to earn more deserved, at least, a trial).
Finally, under Workload, we proposed a remedy to correct a discrepancy in the awarding of partial points and Independent Study instruction.
The Administration returned with a proposal that was an all-or-nothing, take-it or leave-it proposal.  As well as making no mention of any of our proposed changes, and including several items they know we do not want, we were offered a 2% raise for this year and a 2.5% raise next year. We caucused and reassembled to give our reply. Given the expectation created in public, we were extremely disappointed. Team members conveyed the insult, the slap-in-the-face, that this represented. It was pointed out by two professors with 25 years of service that they might get more money by quitting and being re-hired as new faculty, because of inversion. It was also pointed out that we have had at least one recent faculty candidate decline an offer because of the low pay, and I’m sure you all know of folks who have left FSCJ for greener pastures. We are adamant that this stop.
When Dr. Bioteau was interviewing, she asked me what the faculty here at FSCJ wanted. I told her without hesitation,  “Respect.” I believe that everything else flows from that.
We negotiate again on Sept. 5 from 1:30-4:30 in T-116 of the ATC.