Contact Your Senator Now on Bills Moving to a Vote Soon

The most serious threats faculty members face now (March 31-April 3) are to the benefits that are part of their compensation package.  House Speaker Weatherford has made it clear that his top priority this session is to cut retirement and health insurance benefits for public employees. We have a chance of stopping this action in the Senate if faculty call (from a private phone) the Florida Senator from their district and leave a 30-second polite message with the receptionist. (It helps to mention that you live in the district.) See link below for phone number of your Senator.        

United Faculty of Florida Bargaining Update March 28, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Your United Faculty of Florida- FSCJ Bargaining Team met with the Administration’s team today. We worked on several issues of importance to all Faculty.
We reached Tentative Agreement on Article 4 (Faculty Rights).  There were small changes to the current language, the main one being a clearer faculty notification policy when derogatory documents are placed in a personnel file.

Weingarten, Sen. Warren help launch 'Higher Ed, Not Debt'

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spoke at the Washington, D.C., launch of "Higher Ed, Not Debt," a new multiyear campaign advocating for affordable access to higher education for all, without the burden of debt or financial hardship.

University of Illinois-Chicago faculty wage two-day strike

Pushed to the wall after 18 months of bargaining for a first contract, 1,100 faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago went on strike Feb. 18 and 19. It was the first strike in recent memory at a research institution and, as such, generated a lot of media attention both in Chicago and across the nation.

A hand up is not a handout

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT President Randi Weingarten urges lawmakers to strengthen the rungs on America's ladder of opportunity.