Temple University adjunct professors to file for a union

Adjunct faculty at Temple University have filed authorization cards seeking union representation with the United Academics of Philadelphia, which is the AFT's Philadelphia-area local for adjunct faculty, and the Temple Association of University Professionals, which is the AFT-affiliated union for Temple's full-time tenure-track and nontenure-track faculty.

Wall Street deals costing schools, municipalities billions

Following a new report detailing how Wall Street sold toxic deals to school districts and municipalities that are costing communities billions in fees, interest and other payments, educators, parents, community members and local officials have joined together for a Day of Action in cities across the country.


Dear Colleagues-
Today is an important day in the bargaining process. Your Bargaining Team and the administration representatives are meeting in A1170 on the Downtown Campus (note the room change). We begin at 2:30.
Please come out and support your colleagues as they work on your behalf.

In Solidarity,
Karen Morian
President, UFF-FSCJ

Negotiation Information

Dear Colleagues, as we continue to negotiate with the Administration on your behalf, I want to emphasize that all of our "asks" are based on a sense of fairness and Respect for Faculty. We believe that discussing each article of the contract and jointly reaching a solution is respectful. However:

September Bargaining update

The Bargaining session last Friday was well attended by faculty.

The support for our work continues to grow (a lot of new members have joined!) and signals our determination to the administration. A special thanks to those who stayed late with us.

Firstly, we made it clear that salary is the faculty's priority (witness the high number of folks teaching overload and summer courses for extra money) by leaving our salary proposal quite high ($3300 and 3%) for each of the next two years. We also reduced or removed some items from our original proposal in making our second.