United Faculty of Florida Bargaining Update March 28, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Your United Faculty of Florida- FSCJ Bargaining Team met with the Administration’s team today. We worked on several issues of importance to all Faculty.
We reached Tentative Agreement on Article 4 (Faculty Rights).  There were small changes to the current language, the main one being a clearer faculty notification policy when derogatory documents are placed in a personnel file.

Legislative update (2/14/14): Higher Education

Although this was officially Valentine's Week, we weren't feeling much love up here in Tallahassee.  Legislators are once again starting their attack on the Florida Retirement System.  This week a bill was filed in the Senate which would create what is called a "cash balance" plan (more below).  Rumors indicate there are more FRS 'reform' bills to come.  It seems that legislators just can't keep their hands off your retirement!  The first hearing of the new bill is scheduled for Wednesday, February 19 in the Senate Community Affairs Committee at 2 p.m.

UFF-FSCJ Bargaining Update

      We mutually agreed to keep the current continuing contract process for the remainder of the semester.  All current CC candidates will advance under the current process.
     We discussed some ideas to address the changes to continuing contract and post-continuing contract review required by a change in the State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0411 for the next contract. The team passed to the Administration the working papers  for Articles 13 (Continuing Contract) and 13 A (Post-Continuing Contract Review)